Here’s a video recorded and edited by the always hustling, ever humble, wonderful human Jimbo Valentine.

This is a presentation of our showcase last year in Huntington, WV at the new Black Sheep.

don’t forget to check out Jimbo’s design studio, Amalgam Unlimited



Image designed by Jen Iskow

Halloo friends! TODAY this day of Tuesday, May 15th marks the beginning of the final days of 2018 TAR ZINE SUBMISSIONS, otherwise known as the TWO WEEK WARNING

~~Get your submissions to~~

Reminder: we are looking for your favorite work, your weirdest work, your experimental work, your traditional work. we’re looking for your writing, your scribbling, your drawing, your scratching, your collage-ing, your painting, your photographing; your lying, your sobbing, your laughing. this year we will focus on stories of resilience, determination, compassion, and radical empathy – which is to say, show us how you love.


See you soon.