Here’s a video recorded and edited by the always hustling, ever humble, wonderful human Jimbo Valentine.

This is a presentation of our showcase last year in Huntington, WV at the new Black Sheep.

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Image designed by Jen Iskow

Halloo friends! TODAY this day of Tuesday, May 15th marks the beginning of the final days of 2018 TAR ZINE SUBMISSIONS, otherwise known as the TWO WEEK WARNING

~~Get your submissions to~~

Reminder: we are looking for your favorite work, your weirdest work, your experimental work, your traditional work. we’re looking for your writing, your scribbling, your drawing, your scratching, your collage-ing, your painting, your photographing; your lying, your sobbing, your laughing. this year we will focus on stories of resilience, determination, compassion, and radical empathy – which is to say, show us how you love.


See you soon.

100 Under 50 Zine & Updates from Dr. Doctor

YO some updates for ya: our 100 Stories Under 50 Words zine reading tour is coming up in just under a week and the dates are listed below. Our reading in Charleston at Taylor Books on Friday January 12th is a joint event with Queer Appalachia! They will have copies of the BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING zine they produced, Electric Dirt. One bit of sort of bad news, we experienced some medical complications in our ranks over the holidays, and as a result production of Vol. 2 is backed up. So, we will only have copies of Vol. 1 available to take home at these readings. However, you WILL be able to pre-order Vol. 2 at the readings.

Thursday, January 11th – TipTop – Thomas, WV 6pm

Friday, January 12th – Taylor Books – Charleston, WV 5pm

Saturday, January 13th – TBA – Morgantown, WV TBA

Master Event Page:



Dr. Doctor updates, and there’s a bunch of em:

First of all, a Travelin’ Appalachians Revue favorite, Joe Halstead wrote a beautiful and staggering short essay for our Doctor-to-Doctor series. You can read it here.

Next up, I want to tell you about the latest two podcast episodes because I’m behind schedule here.

Episode 103 features conversation and performances from Sophia Rehak, conversation with Dan and Hillary, owners of Kin Ship Goods in Charleston, WV as well as our TAR performance with FestivALL from this summer at, you guessed it, Kin Ship Goods featuring Roxy Todd, Joe Halstead, and Rajia Hassib (and John Miller & Tyler Grady). Sam Farahmand and Luke Wiget call in with jibber-jabber. The special this-episode-only artwork is by Kin Ship Goods’ very own Hannah Whisman aka Weird Candy!

Episode 104 features special Christmas readings by Ashleigh Bryant Phillips, Luke Wiget and Howard Parsons, as well as conversation with Ashleigh; Black Bear Club Reading Series issue #10 with Thomas Martin, Mila Jaroniec & Renee Nicholson; a reading at So & So Books with Keegan Lester, Eduardo C. Corral & Isabelle Shepherd; last but not least an in-depth convo about public art and its place with WV muralist Molly Must. Special music by Isaac Gill and special art from Karl Kuehn