100 Under 50 Benefit & DrDr Updates!

Boy, do I ever repeat myself.

Over at Drdr, we’ve rolled out PREORDERS for our newest print project, “2-2,” a chapbook series in two parts. Pre-ordering helps us fund the print job as well as travel to trade shows and conferences and etc! Also ALSO, do you own bookstore, do you own a coffee shop, do you own uhhhh a bar, a farm? Talk to us about WHOLESALE!! drdoctordrdoctor.storenvy.com

2–1: GERTRUDE by Bianca Stone

Are there two of everything?

There is only Gertrude,
in the trance of being Gertrude.

Part relic, part comic, part elegy, GERTRUDE is a prayer in two parts: part illustrated transcription of a poem by Ruth Stone, and part love letter to what has been lost and what is yet to be. Bianca Stone’s spare, expansive verses, paired with her inimitable illustrations, bring missives from the spirit world with the sound of breath caught in the throat.

2–2: CONEY ISLANDS by Mila Jaroniec and Sam Farahmand

and there was nothing but light

I couldn’t write it if I tried, but I’ll write that I tried.

Spanning the space between refracted and ordinary time, from New York to Los Angeles in fiction and reverse, CONEY ISLANDS — Mila Jaroniec’s “Twin Palms” and Sam Farahmand’s “Revisions of Joanna” — is part diptych, part atlas, part message in a bottle, a prose portrait of vision, revision, and love feeling its way along the walls.

2. Travelin Appalachians Revue and Queer Appalachia raised SO MUCH MONEY for Appalachian Prison Book Project. Remember ya’ll, VOLUME 2 is going to be available for order VERY SOON.

I’m feeling far too upset at my non-functioning computer to list everyone who is in the two zines, but suffice to say that EVERY PIECE is beautiful. You can still purchase Vol. 1 HERE.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. I’ll make another post soon, ya’ll. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AN SUPPORTED US THIS WEEKEND!



Read this

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 2.37.36 PM

Hey ya’ll Howard had a story published over at Hobart recently. Called “Sam & Chester” Why don’t ya go give it a once over if the notion takes ya.


They went and stood by the Dutch Wheel for a while. Sam bought a funnel cake with whipped cream, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup and sprinkles. Bobo the Clown called Chester a little big ear boy and goat wrestler. Sam called Chester a little big ear boy and a goat wrestler. A girl scout in uniform sunk Bobo’s ass on her first throw. Chester bought a lemonade and mixed in some of the wine. It wasn’t very good. Sam and Chester leaned on each other. When the girl scout sunk Bobo a second time, he said into the microphone that he was going to tell all the little ugly boys at school that she liked them.

100 Under 50 Zine & Updates from Dr. Doctor

YO some updates for ya: our 100 Stories Under 50 Words zine reading tour is coming up in just under a week and the dates are listed below. Our reading in Charleston at Taylor Books on Friday January 12th is a joint event with Queer Appalachia! They will have copies of the BEAUTIFUL and STUNNING zine they produced, Electric Dirt. One bit of sort of bad news, we experienced some medical complications in our ranks over the holidays, and as a result production of Vol. 2 is backed up. So, we will only have copies of Vol. 1 available to take home at these readings. However, you WILL be able to pre-order Vol. 2 at the readings.

Thursday, January 11th – TipTop – Thomas, WV 6pm


Friday, January 12th – Taylor Books – Charleston, WV 5pm


Saturday, January 13th – TBA – Morgantown, WV TBA


Master Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/200286743872056/



Dr. Doctor updates, and there’s a bunch of em:

First of all, a Travelin’ Appalachians Revue favorite, Joe Halstead wrote a beautiful and staggering short essay for our Doctor-to-Doctor series. You can read it here.

Next up, I want to tell you about the latest two podcast episodes because I’m behind schedule here.

Episode 103 features conversation and performances from Sophia Rehak, conversation with Dan and Hillary, owners of Kin Ship Goods in Charleston, WV as well as our TAR performance with FestivALL from this summer at, you guessed it, Kin Ship Goods featuring Roxy Todd, Joe Halstead, and Rajia Hassib (and John Miller & Tyler Grady). Sam Farahmand and Luke Wiget call in with jibber-jabber. The special this-episode-only artwork is by Kin Ship Goods’ very own Hannah Whisman aka Weird Candy! https://drdoctordrdoctor.com/drdoctor-podcast-episode-103-5e285e469c08

Episode 104 features special Christmas readings by Ashleigh Bryant Phillips, Luke Wiget and Howard Parsons, as well as conversation with Ashleigh; Black Bear Club Reading Series issue #10 with Thomas Martin, Mila Jaroniec & Renee Nicholson; a reading at So & So Books with Keegan Lester, Eduardo C. Corral & Isabelle Shepherd; last but not least an in-depth convo about public art and its place with WV muralist Molly Must. Special music by Isaac Gill and special art from Karl Kuehn https://drdoctordrdoctor.com/drdoctor-podcast-episode-104-49e6d902ed96

DR. DOCTOR Episode 102

Episode 102 is up at Dr. Doctor (which Howard is happy to say finally officially a part of). It’s all poetry all the time this time. We sat down with the inimitable Kevin Chesser, listen to him lay down some banjo tunes alongside his poetical numbers.
Sam & Howard talk Amy Hempel and language, and Sam talks Pessoa & Pedagogy.
Additional performances included are Keegan Lester from a reading this past spring in Florida with Kaveh Akbar, Isabelle Shepherd, Paige Lewis and Jayme Ringleb, as well as performances from Sophia Rehak, Hannah Bell and Sam from our tour performance this summer at The Yew Mountain Center.

Here ya go, enjoy:


We’re asking for writers to contribute a small collection of 10 (TEN) very short micro-stories, each story no more than 50 (FIFTY) words. We’re also asking artists to contribute a small black and white illustration to be paired with one of the collections. We’re only looking for 10 (TEN) collections, which means competition will be tight (you all are very talented, you know), so only send us your BEST (BEAST) work!
This zine will be accompanied by a reading (TBA), and both the zine and reading proceeds will all be going to Appalachian Prison Book Project (APBP).

Submissions are due November 13th, and please let us know if you intend to contribute before that date (I know this timing is tight, but we can do this yall)
Please send submissions to:
and if you can PLEASE PLEASE consider sending a small donation (which will be used for printing materials and probably a pizza from Pizza Al’s on zine assembly night) (no amount is too small) (but also please do not just send $.69 – you know who you are) to paypal.me/howardparsons


Hey ya’ll. It sure has been a while ain’t it? A LOT has come and gone since we last spoke. And I mean, A LOT. I’ve got podcasts to share with you, and by podcasts, I mean PODCASTS- lot’s of em suckers. But that’s not why I’m here now. I’ll share them with you later on, because I have some ideas about how I want to present them to ya. You all know I am just ever so concerned with presentation. What can I say, I am my father’s son after all (aren’t we all).


The news for today is news about Sunday. We were invited to be a part of this years Huntington Music and Arts Festival. We’re hosting a SUNDAY DINNER upstairs at Black Sheep Burritos & Brews with singer-songwriters COLTER WALL and TIM LANCASTER and novelist S.G. REDLING.

$10 gets you, in addition to the show, a DELICIOUS and UNIQUE three-course meal. This meal, this FEAST is a one-of-a-kind, a one-night-only, be-there-or-be-square kind of ordeal. The menu is being lovingly prepared special for HMAF and Travelin Appalachians Revue and if you miss it, well, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


COLTER WALL is a singer-songwriter from the prairies of Saskatchewan in central Canada. Take Johnny Cash and Blaze Foley and throw em in a pot with Alan Lomax’s Southern field recordings, add a pinch of Townes Van Zandt, a dash of Mark Lanegan, and you’ve got an idea about Mr. Wall here. His album, IMAGINARY APPALACHIA, was released in 2015.

Huntington’s S.G. REDLING is the author of the best-seller FLOWERTOWN, BAGGAGE, The Dani Britton thrillers – THE WIDOW FILE and REDEMPTION KEY, as well as the sci-fi and urban fantasy novels DAMOCLES and OURSELVES. A former radio host and avid traveler, Sheila is also a language geek, wine enthusiast, and so-so gardener. Her newest thriller, AT RISK, hits shelves this September.

TIM LANCASTER is an American-Folk musician born and raised in Central Florida. From a young age, the art of storytelling has been a most important interest, and as soon as he was able, Tim began travelling the country, collecting the tales and stories that are the very life-blood of his songs. With no more than a guitar, harmonica, banjo and bones, Tim Lancaster’s are inspired by the extreme conditions of the heart. His sound is a breath of fresh air to those looking for something potent and sincere in today’s music. After releasing two albums, his third collection is due Spring 2016.

and remember, we’re always just a click away ♥


Poster by Jimbo Valentine



WVPB Flood Coverage



hope you’re dry. we’ve been in nicholas and greenbrier counties shoveling muck and cleaning up for two weeks now. we’re tired, and dirty but today we have found some time for internet. here’s a link for ya. please please read, educate yaself and put some context to this whole tragic story. thanks. we luv u



(A complete and updated list of shelters, donation drop-off centers, and road closures can be found here.)


Travelin’ Appalachians Revue tour is over and done, and don’t worry – we’ll post all about it later. Podcasts, photos, videos, all of it. But right now there’s something much more important to discus – the flooding in Nicholas, Greenbrier, Monroe, Clay, Kanawha and every other one of the 44 counties under state of emergency.

Want to help?












Checks are also being accepted by mail:

WV VOAD Disaster Relief Fund

815 Alderson St.

Williamson, WV 25661

Drop off sites for donations:

Rainelle Medical Center, Fit For A Queen (Beckley), RHEMA Christian Center (Lewisburg), Country Roads Crossfit (Lewisburg), Sue Ann’s Consignment (Oak Hill), Ansted Baptist Church.

Shelters have been opened in:

The Hampton Inn Huntington (Kinetic Park), Gauley Bridge Baptist Church, Marlington Middle School, Talcott School (Summers County)

In Morgantown – Donation drop-off locations will be available all week until close at Wild Zero Studios on Pleasant street, and Saturday and Sunday (June 25-26) from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Monday (June 27) from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. at the WVU Coliseum, Kroger at Suncrest Town Centre, and Little General Store locations on Van Voorhis Road and Willey Street in Morgantown.

Here’s a list of good things to donate:

non-perishable food items
bottles or jugged water
new mens, womens, children’s underwear and socks
pet care products/food
washcloths and towels
hand sanitizer
baby wipes
first aid kits
garbage bags
cleaning supplies
rubber gloves
laundry detergent
blankets/ pillows
feminine products

Info and Reporting:

Road and Bridge closureshttp://www.transportation.wv.gov/communications/PressRelease/Pages/default.aspx & http://www.wvva.com/story/32297212/2016/06/23/west-virginia-road-closure-report





















News from the New ‘Motown’

Thank you for this great write-up, Jade!


By Jade Artherhults

When one thinks about music and culture in West Virginia, the first thing to come to mind is usually banjos and bluegrass. However, two friends based out of Morgantown have created a project to broaden the way people view culture in West Virginia and all of Appalachia.

“Every Appalachian’s story is authentic.”

-The unofficial Travelin’ Appalachians Revue mission statement

The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, co-founded by local Morgantown friends Tyler Grady and Howard Parsons, went on their first tour around West Virginia last summer. This June, they’re hitting the road again for their second annual tour, titled Things Said to a Hole in the Ground.