The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue is an annual mobile arts festival and celebration based in West Virginia. Our mission is simply to bring together creative and talented folks across our region for a week of shows, readings, performances, and pop-up galleries. The Travelin Appalachians Revue doubles as a week-long West Virginia Day jubilee, and as such the tour centers around June 20th every year.

At the core of our little collective this year of 2017 are the inimitable musicians John R. Miller, Rose Anne, Cassie Lopez, John Jacob, and Darrin Hacquard; as well as the writers Keegan Lester, Kevin Chesser, Sam Farahmand and Mila Jaroniec. We are bolstered in no small way by the visual work of Morgantown-based artists Molly Sherlock and Bryan Richards. Additionally, Sam Farahmand has joined us from Los Angeles, CA; sometimes he reads from his novel, though his main duty is documentation and as a result of his hard work each show on this tour is recorded and released as a podcast by Dr. Doctor (a Nashville, TN-based literary journal).

The Revue is joined by local performers and artists at each stop, and in the past has included the writers Scott McClanahan (auth. Crapalachia, Hill William), Juliet Escoria (auth. Black Cloud, Witch Hunt), Rayna Momen, Mesha Maren (auth. Sugar Run), Roxy Todd (West Virginia Public Broadcasting), Marie Manilla (auth. The Patron Saint of Ugly); musicians Colter Wall, William Matheney, Rebecca Wudarski, Michael Iafrate, Chris Allen; visual artists Molly Sherlock, Ashley Hoffman, Jen Iskow, and Emily Prentice – to name but a few of the talented and amazing artists with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating.

This project is coordinated by Howard Parsons. The Travelin’ Appalchians Revue was founded in 2015 by Howard Parsons and Jonathan Tyler Grady.

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Bryan Richards is the visual art coordinator for the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue. Richards is the brain behind the Morgantown-based design studios Best Virginia and Pizza Wizard. His background is in printmaking, comics illustration and West Virginia history. He knows more WV ghost stories than you do.

Cassie Lopez lives in Nashville, TN and makes comics, photos and music but it’s all pretty low-key. cassielopez.bandcamp.com

Darrin Hacquard is the brain behind Signs & Wonders, as well as a member of the WV old-time supergroup The Fox Hunt. Signs & Wonders

John Jacob is the principal songwriter of Morgantown-based explosive two-piece False Pterodactly, as well as being a member of Beast friend with his sister Rose Anne and Golden Horseshoe. falsepterodactyl.bandcamp.com

John R. Miller is a principal songwriter of West Virginia old-time band The Fox Hunt. Additionally, Miller plays bass guitar in Nashville Americana outfit, Locust Honey, as well as West Virginia bands Goodwolf and Prison Book Club. John sometimes lives in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, other times elsewhere. Find him on the road. johnrmiller.bandcamp.com

Keegan Lester is the poetry editor and co-founder of the literary journal Souvenir. He recently published his first book of poetry entitled this shouldn’t be beautiful but it was & it was all i had so i drew it. Lester’s work has been published in or contributed to The Journal, CutBank, Sink Review, Sun Dog Lit, The Atlas Review, Phantom Books, The Adroit, and others. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. His favorite poem was written in third grade for his grandmother. www.keeganlester.com

Kevin Chesser is a poet musician, and railroad clerk living in Elkins, West Virginia. His work has been published in Still. www.sweatmichaels.com

Mila Jaroniec is a Polish-American novelist and she is the managing editor and one-third of Dr. Doctor. Mila recently published her debut novel, Plastic Vodka Bottle Sleepover on Split Lip Press. She lives in Akron, OH. www.splitlippress.com/plastic-vodka-bottle-sleepover

Molly Sherlock is the backbone of this project. Without her creative input and design work, this project would be a real wet blanket. She probably doesn’t know it because she is the most humble and easy-going person, but her illustrations and her designs set the tone for the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue. Thanks Molly.

Rose Anne is the principal songwriter of Morgantown-based indie rock band Beast Friend, which itself is a sort-of super group of the northcentral West Virginia DIY music scene. Rose Anne also dedicated her energy and creativity to ceramics, painting and loving the pack of weird dogs that lives in her house. Beast Friend

Sam Farahmand is one-third of literay journal and podcast series, Dr. Doctor. Sam is an Iranian-American novelist, and he splits his time between Los Angeles, CA, Philadelphia, PA, and Morgantown, WV. Dr. Doctor

Tyler Grady is known in the West Virginia music community by his namesake, Goodwolf, which is also the name of his Morgantown lo-fi indie rock band. Grady is a lifelong songwriter originally from Romney, West Virginia. Along with co-director Howard Parsons, Grady founded the Travelin’ Appalachians revue, and he is the co-director and he drives the big ass van down windy mountain roads for us. goodwolf.bandcamp.com

Howard Parsons is the founder, co-director, and literary coordinator of the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, as well as the founder and host of the Morgantown reading series, The Black Bear Club. Parsons also moonlights as the tour manager and social media consultant for Goodwolf. Parsons is a writer from Morgantown, West Virginia currently living in Pittsburgh, PA.

For additional information about the tour, including tour dates and future bookings, the Revue can be reached through Howard Parsons by email at howard.parsons@gmail.com



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