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Say, what is the Travelin Appalachians Revue anyway?

The Travelin Appalachians Revue is a creative arts collective actively curating cultural and artistic events around the state of West Virginia and the broader Appalachian region. The Revue takes its inspiration from historical traveling musicians, artist and maker fairs, and contemporary showcase festivals such as South By Southwest or the Huntington Music and Arts Festival.

The artistic direction of TAR is based around a commitment to mutual exchange between creative individuals and an ongoing engagement with the community of performers, creative writers and musicians, visual artists and makers within and without Appalachia. Our goal is to facilitate a multi-disciplinary artistic discourse and platform by cultivating and facilitating an ongoing, growing network of practitioners, creators and educators for future collaborative projects and programs.

At any given TAR performances you can expect a blend of vanguard music, creative writing and visual art coupled with traditional Appalachian and folk music and storytelling. The Travelin Appalachians Revue is coordinated by Howard Parsons and Bryan Richards.

Ok, so, really what does the Travelin Appalachians Revue do?

What doesn’t The Travelin Appalachians Revue do? TAR supports culture and creativity in West Virginia and Appalachia – full stop. We do this by promoting and amplifying emerging (which does not necessarily mean young) Appalachian voices, tying together rural artists, creatives and collectives. Additionally, TAR aims to foster critical, constructive conversation between the region’s creatives and to promote a progressive DIY mindset.

In order to create diverse programming, TAR often chooses to work with musicians and artists whose media exist outside of the traditional folk and americana styles often associated with Appalachia and Appalachian creative works. By no means does this imply any disdain on the part of TAR for traditional media – our position is simply that those traditional forms have long-standing & well-established networks already, and generally don’t need our help.

OK OK so yer tellin me The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue is an annual mobile arts festival and celebration based in West Virginia whose mission is simply to bring together creative and talented folks across our region for a week or two of shows, readings, performances, and pop-up galleries each June.

Yea! You’re gettin it.

Just think of it this way: the Travelin Appalachians Revue doubles as a week-long West Virginia Day jubilee, and as such around June 20th every year.

TAR is a difficult thing to describe- and, really, you just gotta experience it for yourself.

TAR has worked with so so many incredible performers and artists each year, and in the past has included (in absolutely no order and probably forgetting some ppl):

  • Scott McClanahan
  • John R. Miller
  • Cassie Lopez
  • John Jacob
  • Darrin Hacquard
  • Sam Farahmand
  • Juliet Escoria
  • Rayna Momen
  • Mesha Maren
  • Roxy Todd
  • Marie Manilla
  • Colter Wall
  • William Matheney
  • Rebecca Wudarski
  • Michael Iafrate
  • Chris Allen
  • Molly Sherlock
  • Ashley Hoffman
  • Jen Iskow
  • Emily Prentice
  • Keegan Lester
  • Sophia Rehak
  • Kelsie Cannon
  • Howard Parsons
  • Tyler Grady
  • Kevin Chesser
  • Rose Anne Heater
  • Rajia Hassib
  • Cheshi
  • Good Sport
  • Crystal Good
  • Josie Martin
  • Hannah Bell
  • Joe Halstead
  • Judge Michael Aloi
  • Witchgrass
  • Katie Quinnely
  • Jessie Van Eerden
  • Eric Waggoner
  • Kentucky John Clay
  • Daniel Christopher Cain
  • Stephen Schrock
  • Tim Lancaster
  • Sheila Redling
  • Samuel Tressler IV
  • Kelly Cambrel
  • Emily Sullivan
  • Tiffani Walton
  • Odana Chaney
  • Sarah A. Chavez
  • Nicole Lawrence
  • Rebekah Morgan
  • Kristin Steele
  • Nathan Thomas
  • Dylon Jones
  • Victoria Javier
  • Spice Lo
  • Kathleen Scopis + Kevin Wood
  • Zakaria
  • Mother Marrow
  • Claire Hopple
  • Ashleigh Bryant Phillips
  • Evan Gray
  • Joceyln Corvus
  • Christina Xiong
  • Emily Blair
  • Joseph Bathanti
  • Rachel Rinehart
  • Angel Amores Walsh
  • Queer Appalachia Jessica Spruill
  • Vincent James Trimboli
  • Torli Bush
  • Doug Van Gundy
  • Kayla McCormick
  • Renee Nicholson
  • Avery Williamson
  • Lou Richardson
  • Half Batch
  • Mackenzie Rogers
  • Daniella Trimble
  • Rachael Frum
  • Liz Pavlovic
  • Hope Simon
  • JP Bello
  • Travis J. Straub
  • Anthony Swofford
  • Max Perrott
  • Renzo Velez
  • Elizabeth Savage


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Howard Parsons is the founder, co-director, and literary coordinator of the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue, as well as the founder and host of the Morgantown reading series, The Black Bear Club. Howard also moonlights as social media cantelope for John R. Miller & The Engine Lights. Howard is also a writer. Howard is from Morgantown, West Virginia, currently living in Pittsburgh, PA.

For additional information about the tour, including tour dates and future bookings, the Revue can be reached through Howard Parsons by email at travelinappalachiansrevue@gmail.com

The Travelin’ Appalchians Revue was founded in 2015 by Howard Parsons and Jonathan Tyler Grady.

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