This June Travelin Appalachians Revue is celebrating 5 years! Five solid years of tunes, tales, melodies, poems, yarns, snacks and good ol fashioned DIY good-timin’. This has been nothing short of a blessing.

This year we are taking our inspiration from a line in the debvut book by the novelist Mila Jaroniec, a long-time TAR contributor and friend. Because when Mila says, Trzeba se jakoś radzić, powiedział góral zawiązując buta dżdżownicą, which is to say you have to make it work somehow, said the mountaineer lacing up their boot with an earthworm, by glory do we feel it.

This year – between now and when you last heard from us – has been all about making it work somehow. This is a tough, tough time to be making art in Appalachia, but look around – we’re still here doing it, and so are you. The pundits will keep telling us there’s nothing here for us, that we’re not here at all – but bbys just lace up them earthworms, pick up your pens, whip out your cameras, pull out your sketchbooks because we have work to do & we will make it work.

The dates for this year are here:
June 19 – Wheeling, Clientele Art Studio
June 20 – WV DAY Morgantown, 123 Pleasant Street
June 21 – Hillsboro, The Yew Mountain Center
June 22 – Blacksburg, Solitude House, Virginia Tech Campus
June 23 – Matewan, West Virginia Mine Wars Museum
June 24 – Charleston, Taylor Books, FestivALL
June 25 – we’re going swimming
June 26 – Beckley, The Raleigh Playhouse and Theatre, BEX
June 27 – Lexington, The Kentucky School
June 28 – TBD
June 29 – Buckhannon, Dough Re Mi

Now that you know the WHERE’s, Stay Tuned to this page cuz we’re gonna start releasing the WHEN’s & the WHO’s pronto

and find us on IG @travelinappalachiansrevue & Twitter @travapprevue

While our shows are all-ages, the content does occasionally skew toward PG-13 and beyond. Life is complicated, why shouldn’t the language reflect that.

Here’s to the next five years.

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