So, I’m back at home now — tour is over for the summer. I have a lot of feelings about that, as I know everyone else involved does as well. But my heart is full to burst and my inspiration is at an all time high. This is a sad and difficult time to be alive, but the people we meet on tour, and the people we collaborate with and scheme with and plot with, and all the places we visit, pass through, and gaze upon keeps us strong. As this project grows, so does my love. Thank you so much to everyone for your support. We’ll keep ourselves afloat for another day, together.

Thank you so much to the core crew: Kelsie Cannon, Kevin Chesser, Jen Iskow, Keegan Lester, Sophia Rehak.

Special thanks to (in no particular order): Emeran Irby, Amy Johnson, Hannah Rego, Noah Prinsen, Justin Rabuck, Jocelyn Corvus, Mary Ruthless, Dan Carlisle, James Friley, J. Marinelli, L.J. Giuliani, Tori Vasquez, Lou Murrey, Betty Critch, Mamone, Molly Graham, Jess Spruill, Ashleigh Bryant Phillips, Evan Gray, Renee Nicholson, Brittany Javins, Mallory Richards, Mary Kelley, Tyler Cooper, Kayleigh Phillips, Jamie Morgan, Nicole Lawrence, Sarah C. Chavez, Nathan Thomas, Odana Chaney, Kristin Steele, Darrin Hacquard, Cassie Lopez, Joe Halstead, Raine Rue, Dylon Jones, Edie Bab, Vann G., Rebecca Gayle Howell, Rob Gipe, Glenn Taylor, Mesha Maren, Matt O’Wain, Spice Lo, Victoria Javier, Kathleen Scopis, Zakaria, Toki Tattoo, Claire Hopple, Charity Cimarron, Emily Blair, Joseph Bathanti, Angel Walsh, Crystal Good, Rachel Rinehart, Vince Trimboli, Susan & Michael Aloi, Zander Aloi, Joey Aloi, Hannah Aloi, Roxy Todd, Torli Bush, Doug Van Gundy, Josie Martin, Hillary Kay, Rose Anne Heater, Rayna Momen, William Matheny, Avery Williamson, Lou Richardson, Kayla McCormick, Mackenzie Rogers, Liz Urse AND ANYONE ELSE I’VE FORGOTTEN. That’s everyone who fed us, put us to sleep, connected us with people, booked shows, played with us, tabled with us. Thank you to everyone who submitted to the zine, you are far too many to list here but you know who you are!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

The Travelin Appalachians Revue is gently guided by Howard Parsons, Bryan Richards and Tyler Grady.

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