Hey friends- if you’re new here, welcome!

Got a couple things for ya. First off, our dear collaborator, Sophia Rehak, released her debut E.P. yesterday (June 13th 2018) called “Red House E.P,” because it was recorded, get this, in a red house. Kevin Chesser, Hannah Bell and John Jacob are responsible for helping this crystal harden. These are songs I’ve had the true pleasure of hearing in person for a handful of years now each summer and some winter days, too. These are fragile songs, if only because, among many many countless other things, Sophia is keenly able to sharply intuit and understand the ways in which things that appear fragile are in truth the strongest things of all. These songs will whisper you to about greatness and strength. These are songs about vulnerability, life’s most important pursuit. I’m a hyperbole beast, I know, but I mean it when I say this lil EP is a triumph.
I hope you take a listen, and I hope if you like what hear you toss Sophia some bucks – she’s only asking $5 and that’s a steal.

Here’s a little piece about us that Howard wrote that might let you know a little clearer just what we’re all about. Thanks for reading! Enjoy! See you on the road! ❤

The support network that keeps this project alive is the most inspiring thing I’ve ever encountered. I love these people, this place, and I love you. Oh, and for the record, I do love old-time; I just think some of the other narratives deserve a place on the stage, too. Speaking of, go on Instagram and check out our friends @queerappalachia—they’re doing the heaviest of the heavy lifting.

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