Editorial Services for Hire!

Have some pages you’re unsure about? What about a blog post that’s giving you hell? Starting today, I (Howard) am offering editorial services for a wide range of projects and needs. I’m offering editorial services from basic proofreading all the way through developmental editing for advanced projects. Some projects we can work on include, but are not limited to, school essays, cover letters, short stories, memoirs, blog posts, Facebook event description, novels, etc.

I’m always open to talking about pricing if your situation is unstable. Generally speaking though, basic proofreading is $2.50 a page, annotated line-reading is $4.20 a page and knee-deep, nitty-gritty, full-throttle developmental reading is $5 page. POC and immigrant writers receive a discounted rate.

The above prices are estimate, and generally speaking, I think in terms of Times New Roman 12-pt font and standard MLA margins. Before we move forward with your work, all clients will receive a quote. This is for transparency, and so we can avoid any funny business. Like I said above, I am open to talking about pricing with anyone – but I can’t guarantee a discount for everyone, because I have to pay rent too yknow.

What you get:

Basic Proofreading covers typos, grammatical errors, and visual aesthetics. If your piece is in dire straits, so to speak, we will discuss a plan to move forward with annotated line-editing.

Annotated Line-readings cover all the above + margin notes and style suggestions – all your general kind of 2-D craft based comments, up to and including…POSITIVE REMARKS! yay.

Developmental Readings cover all the above + thoughtful, in-depth 1-page responses, as well as e-mail correspondence and a FaceTime chat to talk real deal turkey about your work.

If you just like this idea, like me, or like TAR but don’t have anything to work on right now, uhhhhhhh maybe consider just tossing a couple bucks into this thing:
Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com



Howard Parsons is the founding coordinator, organizer, and editor-in-chief for the Travelin Appalachians Revu; editor and reader at drDOCTOR; and founding host of The Black Bear Club Reading Series. He is also Managing Producer and blogger for WOWTalks, A WV health and wellness podcast based in Morgantown. Howard lives in Pittsburgh, PA (let’s discuss in-person sessions if you are local to The Steel Apple).


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