100 Under 50 Benefit & DrDr Updates!

Boy, do I ever repeat myself.

Over at Drdr, we’ve rolled out PREORDERS for our newest print project, “2-2,” a chapbook series in two parts. Pre-ordering helps us fund the print job as well as travel to trade shows and conferences and etc! Also ALSO, do you own bookstore, do you own a coffee shop, do you own uhhhh a bar, a farm? Talk to us about WHOLESALE!! drdoctordrdoctor.storenvy.com

2–1: GERTRUDE by Bianca Stone

Are there two of everything?

There is only Gertrude,
in the trance of being Gertrude.

Part relic, part comic, part elegy, GERTRUDE is a prayer in two parts: part illustrated transcription of a poem by Ruth Stone, and part love letter to what has been lost and what is yet to be. Bianca Stone’s spare, expansive verses, paired with her inimitable illustrations, bring missives from the spirit world with the sound of breath caught in the throat.

2–2: CONEY ISLANDS by Mila Jaroniec and Sam Farahmand

and there was nothing but light

I couldn’t write it if I tried, but I’ll write that I tried.

Spanning the space between refracted and ordinary time, from New York to Los Angeles in fiction and reverse, CONEY ISLANDS — Mila Jaroniec’s “Twin Palms” and Sam Farahmand’s “Revisions of Joanna” — is part diptych, part atlas, part message in a bottle, a prose portrait of vision, revision, and love feeling its way along the walls.

2. Travelin Appalachians Revue and Queer Appalachia raised SO MUCH MONEY for Appalachian Prison Book Project. Remember ya’ll, VOLUME 2 is going to be available for order VERY SOON.

I’m feeling far too upset at my non-functioning computer to list everyone who is in the two zines, but suffice to say that EVERY PIECE is beautiful. You can still purchase Vol. 1 HERE.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. I’ll make another post soon, ya’ll. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT AN SUPPORTED US THIS WEEKEND!


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