We’re asking for writers to contribute a small collection of 10 (TEN) very short micro-stories, each story no more than 50 (FIFTY) words. We’re also asking artists to contribute a small black and white illustration to be paired with one of the collections. We’re only looking for 10 (TEN) collections, which means competition will be tight (you all are very talented, you know), so only send us your BEST (BEAST) work!
This zine will be accompanied by a reading (TBA), and both the zine and reading proceeds will all be going to Appalachian Prison Book Project (APBP).

Submissions are due November 13th, and please let us know if you intend to contribute before that date (I know this timing is tight, but we can do this yall)
Please send submissions to:
and if you can PLEASE PLEASE consider sending a small donation (which will be used for printing materials and probably a pizza from Pizza Al’s on zine assembly night) (no amount is too small) (but also please do not just send $.69 – you know who you are) to paypal.me/howardparsons

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