Hey ya’ll. It sure has been a while ain’t it? A LOT has come and gone since we last spoke. And I mean, A LOT. I’ve got podcasts to share with you, and by podcasts, I mean PODCASTS- lot’s of em suckers. But that’s not why I’m here now. I’ll share them with you later on, because I have some ideas about how I want to present them to ya. You all know I am just ever so concerned with presentation. What can I say, I am my father’s son after all (aren’t we all).


The news for today is news about Sunday. We were invited to be a part of this years Huntington Music and Arts Festival. We’re hosting a SUNDAY DINNER upstairs at Black Sheep Burritos & Brews with singer-songwriters COLTER WALL and TIM LANCASTER and novelist S.G. REDLING.

$10 gets you, in addition to the show, a DELICIOUS and UNIQUE three-course meal. This meal, this FEAST is a one-of-a-kind, a one-night-only, be-there-or-be-square kind of ordeal. The menu is being lovingly prepared special for HMAF and Travelin Appalachians Revue and if you miss it, well, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.


COLTER WALL is a singer-songwriter from the prairies of Saskatchewan in central Canada. Take Johnny Cash and Blaze Foley and throw em in a pot with Alan Lomax’s Southern field recordings, add a pinch of Townes Van Zandt, a dash of Mark Lanegan, and you’ve got an idea about Mr. Wall here. His album, IMAGINARY APPALACHIA, was released in 2015.

Huntington’s S.G. REDLING is the author of the best-seller FLOWERTOWN, BAGGAGE, The Dani Britton thrillers – THE WIDOW FILE and REDEMPTION KEY, as well as the sci-fi and urban fantasy novels DAMOCLES and OURSELVES. A former radio host and avid traveler, Sheila is also a language geek, wine enthusiast, and so-so gardener. Her newest thriller, AT RISK, hits shelves this September.

TIM LANCASTER is an American-Folk musician born and raised in Central Florida. From a young age, the art of storytelling has been a most important interest, and as soon as he was able, Tim began travelling the country, collecting the tales and stories that are the very life-blood of his songs. With no more than a guitar, harmonica, banjo and bones, Tim Lancaster’s are inspired by the extreme conditions of the heart. His sound is a breath of fresh air to those looking for something potent and sincere in today’s music. After releasing two albums, his third collection is due Spring 2016.

and remember, we’re always just a click away ♥


Poster by Jimbo Valentine


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