HEY! Huge news guys. YOOGE news yall.

We have a brand new addition to the WHOLE TOUR. Iranian-American Novelist Sam Farahmand will be joining us all the way from Los Angeles, California.

He is ~so~ verbose. I mean, look at this bio he sent us: “Sam Farahmand is a writer from Los Angeles. He curates the literary journal and podcast, drDOCTOR.”

I didn’t think he was EVER gonna shut up.

Sam is coming to us from all the way out west, as out west as it gets, pretty much. While he IS Los Angelino by birth, in the past three years he has lived in Brooklyn, NY (where he co-hosted, with Luke Wiget aka Lucky Wigey aka Dadman aka The Big Fella, a badass and imporant and sorely missed, now-defunct reading series in Bushwick called, you guessed it, drDOCTOR Reading Series. It was hosted at the greatest library the world has ever known: Mellow Pages Library (R.I.P., sort of)). He’s lived in Philadelphia, PA and Morgantown, WV. He lived in a yurt in Alderson, WV for a day and a half once. He’s lived in Nashville, TN on a couch at the home Hemingway the dog. He’s lived in Los Angeles – oh, wait, you knew that already. He’s back in Los Angeles but soon he won’t be because he will be back in Morgantown.

See ya next time, pardners ❤

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