Things Said to a Hole in the Ground

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West Virginia-based musicians and writers, including Scott McClanahan, Marie Manilla, John R. Miller and Keegan Lester, plan creative performances around the state

Today the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue revealed the tour dates for this year’s seven-day traveling showcase entitled, Things Said to a Hole in the Ground. Similar to last year’s successful effort, this year’s show is a multi-disciplinary celebration of Appalachian music and creative writing.

Throughout June, the group will make several stops across West Virginia from Shepherdstown to Charleston, concluding with a final show to celebrate West Virginia Day (June 20) in Morgantown. Each stop on the tour showcases a variety of musical performances and readings from creative minds nurtured in West Virginia.

The Travelin’ Appalachians Revue is an annual, rotating showcase of artists with a focus on the traditions of songwriting, poetry, and storytelling in the Mountain State. All artists involved have a strong connection to Appalachia, and many of them were raised and have lived in West Virginia for most of their lives.

During the tour, the Travelin’ Appalachians Revue seeks to extend this shared history of West Virginian life and art with communities across West Virginia. Through a focus on cultural celebration, the Revue enriches each performance by highlighting the intersection of the personal histories and cultural backgrounds of each performer and each member of the audience. The group aims to explore and challenge the complex and competing narratives about West Virginia with lived experience and compassion for their communities.

The tour commences in Shepherdstown on June 14th.

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