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Blade 120 S2 RC Helicopter, RTF Mode 2

SKU: blh1100

$268.79 4% off RRP

4% OFF
Blade mCPX BL2 RC Helicopter BLH6050, BNF Basic

SKU: BLH6050

$316.79 4% off RRP

4% OFF
Blade 120 S Helicopter With Safe M2

SKU: blh4100

$239.99 4% off RRP

4% OFF
Blade 250 CFX w/ SAFE Technology BNF
Blade Servo Linkage (3), 250 CFX

SKU: blh4819

$13.43 4% off RRP

4% OFF

Electric helicopters are powered by a battery and electric motor. Electric helis are more user friendly. Call us today for a bargain on Electric RC helicopters.

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